how many scoops of ice cream in a gallon?

We cannot only use the gallon for water, but this unit can apply for the various things such as milk, cream, ice cream, etc.

Ice cream is always served as scoops, so people usually ask how many scoops of ice cream a gallon make?

The answer to this question is easy when we keep in mind that one scoop contains 4 ounces of ice cream approximately that serving size then one gallon of ice cream will be 32 scoops.

It is not necessary that we get complete 32 scoops because it only counts the ice cream inside the scoop.

An average scoop of the ice cream which can be 6 ounces in size, so it always depends on the size of a scoop and ice cream that is around the edges and top of scoops as well.

When you are arranging a party, and you want to know that a gallon of ice cream will feed how many people?

According to an estimate, you can feed 30 people with a gallon of ice cream.

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