What is Gallon (gal.) ?

Similarly, a Gallon is the standard unit of volume which denoted as “gal”, mainly used to measure the liquid Quantity in the customary systems of the United States and the Imperial System of measurement of the united kingdom.

After 11 th Conference on Weights and Measures in 1960, various countries have adopted an International System of Units (SI). thus this measuring unit of volume is replaced as “litre.”

Further, a gallon divided into a dry gallon and fluid gallon.

Accordingly, the Customary system adopted, by the United States there are mainly two types of a gallon which is a Fluid gallon and a dry gallon.

When we talk about the Imperial System of the United Kingdom, The gallon has only one type.

Gallon is a replacement for the word liter used in metric system or in other words gallon is a unit of measurement for fluid capacity in both US customary systems and British Imperial systems of measurement.

There is one type of gallon in the imperial system(UK) and two types (fluid and dry) in the US customary measurement system.

1 US fluid gallon = 231 cubic inches

1 US dry gallon = 268.8 cubic inches

1 imperial gallon = 277.4 cubic inches

Gallon originated from Old Northern French and is currently in extensive use. Gallon is abbreviated as ‘gal’ and in US the abbreviation for fluid ounces is ‘Fl oz’.

Gallon is a measure of volume approximately equal to 4.55 liters. It is usually used for liquids, in rare cases for solid.

It is mainly used in countries where the English system of measures is used, such as – the UK, the USA, etc.

1 US gallon = 3.78541178 liters.

If you talk about its history, originally, Gallon was defined as the volume of 8 pounds of wheat.

Furthermore, a pint is a derivative of a gallon-one-eighth of it. Later on, other varieties of the gallon are introduced into use for other products.

See Gallon in Different Countries:


Countries Gallon Measurement
Argentina One gallon is equal to 3.80 liters.

Ordinary gallon is equal to 4.546092 liters,

Proof-gallon (used to measure alcohol) is equal to 2,594 liters and

The old gallon (for measuring wine) is equal to 3,78533 liters

Bulk bodies in one-gallon wax is 4,405 liters.

Cuba One gallon is equal to 3,785 liters.

One gallon of is-

3,443 kg. honey,

3.447 liters. olive oil,

4,405 loose bodies,

Oil is 3.785411784 liters.

The proof-Gallon is equal to 1.89 liters.

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