Best 110v Electric Clothes Dryers in USA 2022

Portable dryers are the call of the hour. No wonder such machine dryers are high in demand. In this account, we will be going through the some of the best 110v electric dryers in the USA. These dryers are smaller versions of their 110v+ counterparts and have much weight. The lighter ones are easy to move when not in use. These are portable but kept best in a dedicated place in your home. While considering dryers, you have to consider the points below –

  • You have a small apartment or a limited space.
  • You don’t have a 220V-240V outlet.
  • You want a dryer that works well in your RV, boat, or camper.
  • These electric dryers can be vented indoors if you don’t have a dryer vent hookup available.
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What Does A Portable Washer and Dryer Setup Look Like?

The function that the best 110v clothes dryer performs is just half the story. Keeping this fact in mind, we have brought some hand-picked dryer sets that are portable as well. These dryer machines are meant to make your lives easier. To grab more useful information about the types of portable dryers, go through the account below. These machines that live up to your needs and requirements.

If it doesn’t look like this setup will work for you, there are plenty more options to choose from.  For an RV, you are likely looking for a portable dryer.

Best 110v Electric Dryers: Rankings 

1. COSTWAY Electric Portable Control for 4 Automatic Drying Modes

This compact laundry dryer is one of the best 110v ventless dryers. It comes with 850W power, a stainless steel tub, and a huge capacity of 10 lbs. Its downside control panel allows easy control for 4 automatic drying modes.

It allows you to set your clothes on different modes of drying –

  • Cool (0-20 mins): cool down the temperature
  • Warm (30-120 mins): dry and cool cloth
  • Anti-wrinkle, Hot (120-200 min): for drying large quantities or bulky item
  • Air dry (0-80 mins) run with cool air to freshening
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2. VIVOHOME, 3.5 cu.ft 13lbs 

Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel material, this is among the best 110v clothes dryers. Its outer body is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel sheet. A white powder painting is sprayed on it that prevents wearing, bending, and deforming. It comes with 1500W power. Apart from these features, the dryer offers you: 

  • Fast dry mode
  • Delicate dry mode
  • Air dry mode
  • Timer dry mode

Simply, rotate the knob and choose the most suitable dry mode for your clothes.  

Furthermore, it comes with a child lock function that ensures your kids’ safety when you are working around while the dryer is functioning.

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3. YAKEY CODESFIR Electric Portable Dryer

A perfect drying appliance for apartments, condominium; this portable dryer is available with an exhaust pipe and easy control button panel for 4 automatic drying modes. Its handles make it easy to maneuver around. Get accelerated drying with 850W power that can reach up to 140 degrees temperature. The dryer is slightly above 37 lbs in weight and holds 10.5 pounds of wet clothes.

The most commonly used programs that it has include:

  • Cool (0-20 mins): Cooldown the temperature
  • Warm (30-120 mins): Dry and cool cloth
  • Anti-wrinkle, Hot (120-200 min): For drying large quantities or bulky items
  • Air dry (0-80 mins): Run with cool air to freshening

It runs at just 65db so that you can work undisturbed and get fresh-smelling clothes.

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4. ARLIME, 1.6 cu.ft Portable Clothes Dryers

This portable laundry dryer is one of the best 110v clothes dryers. It adopts the forward and reverse tumble action with the inner device. With its large stainless steel tumble, it facilitates easy rotation to prevent tangling. The dryer removes wrinkles effectively, while restoring the comfort and fluffiness of fabrics. 

Having 4 automatic drying modes, it has 900W power. The dryer is equipped with a technologically advanced lint filter, which is easy to clean and its automatic shutoff saves energy. Its 57 dB noise doesn’t disturb you. Also, you can set different modes according to different fabrics and weights.

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5. XIAQING 1000W Electric Clothes Dryer

The machine can dry 15 kg of clothes at a time! Its head adopts PTC high-efficiency heat that dries clothes fast and keeps them wrinkle-free. Its 180-minute smart timer allows you to choose the drying time according to the thickness of clothes. 

It is energy-saving and adopts flame-retardant materials to ensure safety. It has automatic power-off protection from overheating. When not in use as a dryer, the machine doubles up to be used as a wardrobe to store clothes. 

Did you see? It is listed among the best 110v clothes dryer for some reasons.

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6. KOFOHON Foldable 2-Tier Drying Machine with Remote Control

Equipped with wireless remote control, the drying machine allows you to set your drying time requirements as per clothes and seasons. Its longest drying time is 240 minutes. The foldable two-tier rack provides you more space and can hold 15 kg clothes to dry and make them wrinkle-free. 

You can double up the use of this dryer as a storage space. Simply fold it without dismantling, when not in use and use it as a cupboard to keep clothes.

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Where to Put A Portable Tumble Dryer?

You can easily put your best 110v clothes dryer, which is a portable tumble dryer anywhere as you please. However, the mini dryers come with an advantage to set conveniently in unconventional places. Such places include under your kitchen counter and in cramped storage closets. You can also mount these dryers to the wall.  

Is there a balcony? If yes, you can keep it there and even in the balcony closet.  When required, you can take these out and use them. 

Boats and campers are great examples when there are situations to be beneficiated from these dryers. Thanks to their portability. You can even store the smaller versions when not in use so that these are safely kept. 

Each and every one of the aforementioned portable tumble dryers can be used as per your convenience. 

Key points

When there is a higher voltage, it signifies that a lower current is required to transmit the same amount of power.

Based on kilowatt-hours, your electric bill is calculated accordingly. Since a KWh (a kilowatt-hour) costs the same, irrespective of the voltage, the difference between costs of different volts is not much. 

Using a Portable Dryer in an Apartment

If you are thinking about using a portable electric dryer at home, your workspace will be compromised. You might not have a dryer exhaust vent.

So, you can consider the following points – 

You are selecting the best 110v dryers but when drying space is an issue, go for drying racks that are mounted on walls. When you are using those having exhaust vents, your only concern is space. Thus, the best idea is to get it fitted in your laundry room. 

Remember, that the best 110v clothes dryers are spacious and have different depths and heights to accommodate maximum clothes. 

So, which one of the best 110v electric dryers in the USA are you buying? 

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